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BBC. The Story of Maths. The Language of the Universe

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BBC The Story of Maths. The language of the universe from the BBC.
A documentary with subtitles.

Acquainted with the fundamental mathematics in our lives, Marcus du Sauto explores the mathematics of Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Greece.

In Egypt, he discloses the use of a decimal system based on ten fingers, while in the former Mesopotamia, two arms were counted to 60.

In Greece, he considers the contributions of some of the giants of mathematics, including Plato, Euclid, Archimedes, and Pythagoras, who are credited with starting the transformation of mathematics from a tool for counting into an analytical subject that we know today.

Chronology of the history of mathematics:
3:09 - The first signs of mathematics can be found in ancient Egypt
10:15 - Egypt: papyrus help and practical mathematics
13:22 - Egypt: Circles, the game of Mankala and Pi.
15:47 - Egypt: Pyramids - wonders of the world, symmetry and the golden ratio

21:19 - Babylon: mathematics is a school.
23:25 - Babylon: calculation on the fingers - a six-decimal number system.
27:00 - Babylon: The Babylonian calendar and zero.
28:46 - Babylon: quadratic equations for agriculture.
31:25 - Babylon: Passionate Players - Playful Math
33:07 - Babylon: The Babylonians are the discoverers of a right triangle.

37:11 - Mesopotamia: Greeks and the power of evidence.

39:06 - Greece: Pythagoras and his famous theorem.
45:42 - Greece: Plato Academy.

47:28 - Alexandria: Euclid and his axioms of mathematics.
51:04 - Alexandria: Archimedes and the discovery of the meaning of Pi.
54:40 - Alexandria: Hypatia is an inventive female mathematician and a tragic victim.

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